Mac Linux USB Loader

Mac Linux USB Loader

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  • Version: 3.4.8

Effortlessly boots Linux on your Mac

Mac Linux USB Loader is a utility tool application developed by SevenBits Technologies, particularly for Mac devices. Without the need to burn a CD or format your drive, it enables you to create bootable live USB drives for Ubuntu, Linux distributions, and other specified PC platforms. This tool is necessary to have when creating Linux distributions boot that doesn’t contain an EFI booting support.   

Easy to set up and configure settings

This robust program is powered by a custom boot manager called Enterprise, which makes it immensely easier for you to boot Linux. It is automatically installed in your USB storage or external hard drive alongside your preferred Linux distribution. It also features an efficient distribution downloader that enables you to gather copies of your most loved Linux distribution from the Internet. Each distribution presents one or more geographic mirrors that you can download at any frequency you want. The downloader provides descriptions captured from Wikipedia, which will help you better to select the one that will suit your preference. 

With its sleek and intuitive user interface, you will simply select the drive as it appears in the setup wizard in order to create a live Linux USB drive. Although, if you’re an advanced and technically knowledgeable user, you will be able to do more as you can customize the boot manager you wish to install or the version of the Enterprise boot manager you prefer to utilize. By default, this is a hidden feature but can be activated in the preferences. 

Like other major USB drive software, you’ll experience the same flexibility in setting the app. However, if multiple settings and buttons aren’t present, it will be hard for a beginner to set up, configure, and use this tool. In hindsight, you won’t need to dedicate an entire USB drive just to establish your live USB as it doesn’t extract the contents of your distribution’s ISO file. Use the remaining storage space as much as you like.

Remains undisputable        

Mac Linux USB Loader is standing strong in its throne among its competitors. With its compelling function and feature design, lots of users continue to use this app for their needs.  Its straightforward interface aids the beginners to easily operate it, at the same time, it provides sufficient options for advanced users to apply their technical knowledge about the field and get the output that they want. 


  • Create a bootable live USB drive easily
  • Sleek and intuitive user interface
  • Efficient distribution downloader
  • Doesn’t eat up the whole space in a USB drive


  • Hard to use for beginner users without the multiple settings and buttons

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Mac Linux USB Loader


Mac Linux USB Loader 3.4.8

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